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We are located in Hercules, CA and the classes are under the instruction of Sensei Atur Shabbas. Mr. Shabbas brings over 25 years of experience instruction of classical karate.  


Students will learn the basic fighting skills of Karate, self-discipline, self-esteem, and confidence in protecting themselves.  We teach each student to know the danger of people and to protect themselves if he or she is in a threatening situation.  Karate will help students develop physical strength, coordination, and mental focus.  Our classes encourage socialization and interaction through common goals and interest.  We promote mutal respect and cooperation that will help your child excell in their academics, at home, and have an all around positive influence on their daily lives.


Karate is an activity that is fun and for the whole family! We currently offer the first month free and family discounts.  We also hold dedicated Adult classes and cater to your busy lifestyle.  We can make it work!


Sensei Atur Shabbas – Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt)


Atur Shabbas was raised in the San Francisco bay area and was raised in Hercules, CA. In 1991 he was able to convince his parents to enroll him into karate classes at Garcia Karate Dojo in Rodeo, CA. It was there, Atur began his studies and lifelong commitment to karate. As he grew older, he began enjoying teaching and passing on his karate knowledge to others. He joined the dojo to the prestigious Wado International Karate Federation(WIKF) in 2010 and now serves on the board of directors for WIKF USA.

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