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We haven't updated the news in quite some time and would like to address a few things that have happened over the past couple of years. Most of our latest news is on our facebook page. Please like us there so you can read the latest on HKD. Over the past year HKD has achieved quite a bit. We were honored to host Sensei Doug Jepperson at our dojo last fall. He taught several classes while he was here and spent some quality time with our senior students. We really enjoyed our time with him and look forward to having him at the dojo again. In August 2015, Sensei Atur was awarded Ni-dan (2nd degree black belt) by the Sensei Jon Wicks. His rank has been recognized by the WIKF and now will train for San-dan (third degree black belt). This was a big surprise and did not expect this honorable promotion. The WIKF has held several training camps over the past couple of years in Georgia, Texas, and Florida. These are great learning oppertunities and a great way to meet and learn from fellow karate WIKF members. Our dojo success is due to our great students and their parents. Without their support we would not have a dojo. As always, we plan to have our standard three karate tests in March, July, and August. See you at the dojo!

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